IAMSCU, UMAD and IMM call for the participation of the institution’s members to attend the International Encounter of Students of IAMSCU Conference 2017, the theme is “Tearing Down Walls: A Pathway to Peace, Healing and Humanity”.


Time: Friday, May 26 to Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Venue: Instituto Mexicano Madero and UMAD University Campus in Puebla, Puebla, Mexico.


The event is intended to foster discussion and exchange in order to increase cultural awareness among participating IAMSCU school members.

Participants will work with the following topics:

 Education for Peace
 Education for Healing and Spirituality
 Education for Human Dignity


-High school and college students from participating IAMSCU schools.
-Committees can be made up of up to eight members.
-Every committee must be accompanied by a sponsor teacher.


During the event there will be conferences, debates, artistic events, sport matches and tours around the beautiful cities of Cholula and Puebla.

-Students must previously prepare material, texts, and information that will allow them to support their personal stance and their country’s point of view on the topics for the event under a global, local, economic, social, political and environmental perspective.
-There will be friendly soccer, volleyball and basketball matches for participating students. Students must bring sport clothes.
-There will be an artistic showcase so it is important that students rehearse a musical, dance, poetry or drama act to show their talent. Something representative of their country is truly encouraged.
-Cocktail Dinner, dress code: gentlemen suit and tie and ladies cocktail dress.


Tours have been organized at an additional cost for Thursday June 1st. Please check HERE.

Registration fee for the event before May 15th is $100.00 USD. From May 15th to the day of the event the cost will be $125.00 USD.

The registration fee covers attendance to the event, transportation to the activities, tours to Cholula and Puebla, lunch for May 27-31, supper for May 29-30, and coffee breaks during the event.

Registration will be open as of release of the call of participation and it will be done trough the event ́s website.

Fee must be paid when registering either in dollars or Mexican pesos.


College and University students

Lodging for College students will be at Hotel Villa Florida. Each committee is responsible for booking their accommodations. Please get in touch with the hotel staff (use the booking code G10987). Information HERE

High Scchool students

Participating High school students have the choice to stay at the house of a high school student from Instituto Mexicano Madero. To request this accommodation, please contact us at students.iamscu.2017@umad.edu.mx before April 26th, 2017.
Host families will be in charge of transportation and may offer extra meals to their guests.

Sponsor teachers

High School and College teachers will be lodging at Hotel Villa Florida. Each teacher is responsible for booking their accommodations. Please get in touch with the hotel staff (use the booking code G10987).
Information HERE 
Meals not specified here must be covered by participants.

For more information, please contact Mtro. Víctor Valerio Córdova
Email students.iamscu.2017@umad.edu.mx
Telephone +52 (222) 284 85 31 ext. 111.
Whatsapp +52 1 222 5508379
Web site http://iamscuconferencemexico2017.mx/students
Any situation not specified here will be dealt with and resolved by the organizing committee.